Guess who locked someone's keys in the shed?
And his own keys too....

Kindergarten League Rules

Instructional League Rules

American League Rules

National League Rules

Jr / Sr League Rules


Board Members:

Todd Broeker (President, grounds/equipment)     Diane Magnani (Vice President, sign-up/opening day)

Linda Kelley (Treasurer, sign-up/opening day)    Doug Perry (Secretary, web site/scheduling)

Angie Blint (sign-up/opening day)    Eric Larson (Umpires/rules)

Tina Andrew (concessions)    Rodney Stewart (grounds/equipment) 

Lea McCormick (concessions)    Terry Gholson (Umpires/Rules)

Lexie Wilson (Concessions)    Doug Slobodnik (Umpires/Rules)

MP Girls Softball By laws