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 OPENING CEREMONIES:  May 4, 2015 5:30 pm


REMINDER:  Players need to have their fundraiser sheets to their coach by April 20, 2015!!! 

Fundraiser Orders will need to be picked up May 4, 2015 after Opening Ceremonies 

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2015 Master Practice Schedule

Kindergarten/Instructional Game Schedule

American League Game Schedule

National League Game Schedule

Jr/Sr Game Schedule

 Thank you to the following for your support:

Donna Hoaglin Foundation for grant dollars to replace fencing

Enhance Henry County Foundation for grant dollars to replace fencing

Burlington Pepsi for contribution to replace fencing 

Leslie Heating & Cooling for donating supplies and labor to install central air in concession stand 

Lance Refuse for waste disposal services

Mark Ledbetter for donating labor and supplies for repairs 

Mt. Pleasant Lumber for donating supplies for repairs 

Clean Wash for donating time and supplies to wash buildings and concrete 

Davis Mobile Homes for donating the door lock for the batting cages 

Doud Stone for donating gravel for the parking lot

Access Energy Cooperative for delivering the gravel for the parking lot

Chuck Allen for spreading the gravel for the parking lot 

Ted Morhfeld for removing weeds from diamonds 

Board Members:

Diane Magnani (President, Umpires)dmagnani@accessenergycoop.com     Terry Gholson (Vice President, Umpires/Rules)  tgholson35@gmail.com

Linda Kelley (Treasurer, sign-up/opening day) lkk@whitfieldlaw.com    Kevin Elmore kcae2003@yahoo.com

Angie Blint (sign-up/opening day) blinta@hearthnhome.com    Eric Larson (grounds/equpment) eslarson325@gmail.com

Todd Broeker(grounds/equipment)broekert@hearthnhome.com         Rodney Stewart (grounds/equipment) rodstew1966@yahoo.com 

Lea McCormick (concessions) mccormick28@live.com     Micah Leslie (concessions)  micaherin420@gmail.com

Lexie Wilson (Concessions) lexiewilson04@gmail.com    Doug Slobodnik (Umpires/Rules) slobodnikdoug@gmail.com

Mike Richtman (grounds/equpment) mprichtman@gmail.com

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