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Welcome to the Mt. Pleasant Softball website. 



Click here for June Master Game schedule (updated 6/24/2021)



The Mt. Pleasant Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization with a 13 member board of directors.  The goal is to provide girls with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game, develop their skills and have fun as they progress through the leagues.








Thank you to the following for your support:


KIWANIS for donation to purchase protective equipment.

An AED is being purchased through funds from Wal-Mart Retail, Amy Becker Photography, and Jacob/Sarah Dodds. 

Duraclean and the Ridingers for powerwashing the facilities.

 Lance Refuse for taking care of our refuse!






Board Members:

Diane Magnani (President)       

Jaime Yoder (Treasurer)         Shannon Fedler (Co-Treasurer, sign up) 

Tamara Hudson(sign-up/opening day)           Jeff Baker 

Danelle Stainbrook(concessions)                 Jamie Schadt 

Jim Fitzgibbon (grounds/equipment)  Jacob Dodds (grounds/equipment)       

Sarah Riding 

Samantha Westercamp (Vice President) Steph Willey (concessions)


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